Ski Lessons for Children


Playful group lessons with children of similar age and skiing level. Group lessons are suitable for 5-12 year olds.

  • Group lessons run from Sunday to Friday,
    11:00-12:25 and 14:30-16:00.
  • Young skiers start their lessons in an enclosed area with a safe travelling belt and a range of special equipment to help them get started.
  • More advanced skiers continuously leave to ski with instructors on the larger lifts.
  • The course ends with a diploma ceremony.

​​​​​​Children will learn to ski easily and have a lot of fun with their new friends.

Group ski lessons for children (for 3 children and more)

  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days Next day  
1 child  890 Kč  1790 Kč 2 670 Kč 3400 Kč + 500 Kč  

The price includes the entrance fee to the ski school and ski belt. The ski tows in the ski centre are not included.

Ski & Play program for children

Special group morning (3 children min.) program for the youngest skiers (4-5 years of age) that helps children learn to ski through games

  • SKI & PLAY program takes place from Sunday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 12:25 PM. 
  • The lessons are held in a designated area of the children's playground with a ski belt and certified game features.
  • Our ski school's mascot, the hippo, visits children during the lesson.
  • Hot beverage included (fluid intake ensured) .
  • Children's toilet on the premises.
  • The course finishes with a diploma ceremony lead by our mascot.
  • The parents can watch their children from Ski Bar terrace.

Important information regarding children's lessons:

  • Children must come to Meetpoint five minutes before the lesson starts.
  • Children must wear a ski helmet and gloves.
  • Lessons are held in any weather! 
  • Lesson attendance is at your own risk, don't forget to get insurance for your children..
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a short 5-10min evaluation.
  • Our ski school reserves the right to cancel lessons in case of low demand for group lessons.

Ski & Play program Price list

Days 3 4 Next day    
1 child 890 Kč  1790 Kč 2670 Kč 3400 Kč +500 Kč    

The price includes the entrance fee to the ski school and ski belt. The ski tows in the ski centre are not included.

Private lessons for children

The most effective method with a private instructor. Choose the time, place and instructor, who will become a caring friend and professional coach in one for your little skier or snowboarder.

Private lessons for children - Price list

  1 hour 1,5 hour 2 hours    
1 child  790 Kč  1 180 Kč 1 580 Kč    
+ child + 390 Kč + 490 Kč + 590 Kč    

For the youngest children below the age of 4.99, we are offering our "Bambini" price: 690 Kč per hour.


Where to find us?

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Lesson booking

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